Y Cathedral Bazaar and Bridge are competing software engineering metaphors

University of Auckland Computer Science Department Seminar

Wolfgang Fahl

When: Friday 28 November 2008, 12 00 PM
Where: CS Seminar Room279, Building 303

Organisation: BITPlan GmbH
Website: http://www.bitplan.de


During Wolfgang Fahl’s carer as a Software Engineering he was guided by metaphors and guidelines. 1989 at Dräger the guideline was „The software is broken anyways – how can we make sure it doesn’t harm anybody“. Martin Rösch later introduced him to the idea of comparing Software Engineering to the maturing industries of bridge- and tower building and later car manufacturing. In his own software architecture lectures Wolfgang has been looking into the comparison between civil engineering architecture and software architecture. His own favourite metaphors are the bridge, the Y-principle and the comparison to building cathedrals. Ewan Tempero now pointed out that at least the cathedral metaphor has been challenged by the „Bazaar“ idea and the opensource movement for a while. After Wolfgang read the book „The Cathedral & The Bazaar“ by Eric S. Raymond he is now inspired to talk about all these guidelines and metaphors and he hopes for a nice discussion by the SERG members after this.

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